Link Memorabilia Collection


This Collection contains a number of items which are contained within the Edwin A. Link and Marion Clayton Link Collections of Binghamton University's Special Collections. Edwin A. Link (1904 –1981) was an inventor and pioneer in aviation and underwater archaeology, who through his inventions and innovations helped to change the way in which the world explored the sky and oceans. The majority of the items in this collection were produced from the 1970's to 2000's by a variety of organizations and companies associated with E.A. Link and his inventions.

Items in the Link Memorabilia Collection Collection

Link Lighter (Closed)
Small stainless steel lighter with "Ed Link" and "Fifty Years of Simulation" engraved on the front and the back.

30mm x 56mm

Link Foundation Paperweight
Handcrafted in Lucite with black script.

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