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Individual Poems from the Binghamton Community Poets' Big Horror Reading Series

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Binghamton Community Poets


Bern Mulligan
Erin Rushton
Ben Coury
David Schuster
Rachel Turner
David Floyd
Sasha Frizzell
Aynur de Rouen
Nicholas Eggleston
Alexxa O Bisnar (Student worker)


The twelve excerpted poems found here are an introduction to the Binghamton Community Poets' Big Horror Reading Series. They are linked not only to the full individual readings in Rosetta but also to the catalog records for the books in which they are published. This creates a unique convergence experience, as the catalog record “comes alive” and users can see the writer and hear a poem from the book before they take it off the shelf to read.

The full recordings are available on the Binghamton Community Poets' Big Horror Reading Series Collection's page.


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