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Jotiyar Taha and Ridwan Zebari

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Date of Interview

18 February 2013


Aynur de Rouen and Erdem Ilter


Jotiyar Taha and Ridwan Zebari

Biographical Text

Jotiyar Taha: Jotiyar Taha, born in Iraqi Kurdistan to a large Kuridsh family, has eight brothers and three sisters. In 1991, he and thousands of other Kurds fled Iraq, on foot, to seek refuge from the violence of Saddam’s regime. He and his family lived in a makeshift tent in a remote mountainous area in a Turkish refugee camp. Jotiyar lives with his wife and kids in Southern Tier NY.

Ridwan Zebari: Being part of the Zebari tribe, Ridwan Zebari has eight sisters and seven brothers. Ridwan fled to an Iranian refugee camp in 1991, also on foot. He came to the United States after marrying a Kurdish refugee who arrived in 1996. Ridwan earned a Law degree in Kurdistan and received his Master's degree in Law from Syracuse University. He is an active member of the Kurdish community.





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Kurdistan; Kurdish; Kurdish culture; Saddam; Iraq; Iran; Turkey; Refugee; Anfal; Jalee; Islam; Religion; United States; Binghamton; Iraqi War; Refugee camps



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