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Avras Taha

Avras Taha was born in Duhok city in Iraqi Kurdistan. He lived with his extended family in Duhok, while his father was fighting for the Peshmerga. In 1996, his family fled Iraqi Kurdistan, and arrived to the United States in 1997 via Turkey and Guam. Today Avras has a degree in Civil Engineering from SUNY IT.


Amin Amin

Amin Amin fled his hometown north of the Kurdish city Duhok from Saddam Hussein’s violence towards Kurds. He arrived at the United States with his family in 1992 and settled in Johnson City, NY, where he grew up among a Kurdish community. Although his primary language is Kurdish, he became very fluent in English and was able to blend in within the American society and culture. Today Amin has a master’s degree from Tennessee State University (TSU).


Armanj Amin & Avras Taha

Armanj: Born in Baghdad, at the age of 6 Armanj Ameen was forced to flee Baghdad to Duhok city in Iraqi Kurdistan. In 1996 he fled Duhok and arrived to the United States in 1997. Today Armanj has a degree in Business Management in Erbil University and a degree in Civil Engineering from SUNY Broome. Avras: Avras Taha was born in Duhok city in Iraqi Kurdistan. His family fled Kurdistan in 1996 and arrived to the United States in 1997 via Guam. Today Avras has a degree in Civil Engineering from SUNY IT


Aysha Mohmmod

Aysha got married Idris in Kurdistan and moved to the United States to build a family. She visits her family in Kurdistan every once in a while.


Dasko Sherwani

Dasko was born in Iraq and throughout his childhood and early days he was part of the Barzani Tribe. He never witnesses a stable childhood because he had to constantly move and run away from Saddam Hussein’s war on the Kurds. Today Dasko lives in the United States and holds a civil engineering degree from Tennessee State University.


Edib Ibrahim

Born in Duhok, Iraq, Edib fled to Turkey from the Anfal in 1988 with his family and eventually made it to the United States where he studied civil engineering. Throughout his life he struggles to make a living, but was able to get by with his family. He currently lives in Binghamton, NY with his wife among a close Kurdish community.



Born in Mardin 1988, Hawar witnessed the conflicts in his town and village that forced him and his family to leave.


Hevi Ibrahim

Born in 1977, Hevi graduated in 2000 from Duhok University with an economics degree. She got married and moved to the United States September first 2000 and received her U.S. citizenship in 2004. She has two kids a boy and a girl, both enlisted in the Vestal Central School District. Last time she visited Kurdistan was in 2011 with her kids.


Jotiyar and Ridwan

Jotiyar: Born in 1984, Jotiyar is part of a big family of 8 brothers and 3 sisters. Fled Iraq in 1991 to Turkey on foot to seek refuge from the violence of Saddam’s regime. He and his family lived in a makeshift tent in a remote mountainous area near Jalee. Ridhwan: Being part of the Zebari tribe, Ridhwan has 8 sisters and 7 brothers. Fled to Iran in 1991 also on foot. It took him and his family 12 days to arrive to Iran with little to no food. They lived in a refugee camp and received some international and Iranian government help.


Jumaa Barani

Jumaa was born in Iraqi Kurdistan in the village of Ekmala Khabur near Duhok and came to the United States in 1997. He has a high school diploma and a 2 year college degree from SUNY Broome. Growing up, he witnessed the harsh rule and treatment of Saddam Hussein and his military towards his own family and people, which lead to his brother’s and father’s death.

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