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Interview with Andrew Goida<br /><br />

Interview with Andrew Goida

Andrew Goida talks about working in a cigar factory in Binghamton, NY. He mentions that his brother and mother both worked there and details his specific job as a leaf-wetter at the cigar factory, which was in the building later owned by Ansco…

Interview with Angelina Cinotti<br /><br />

Interview with Angelina Cinotti

Angelina Cinotti talks about her family and her parents emigration from Chicano, Italy and the family's service for Endicott-Johnson after settlement. She discusses her siblings' professions and the development of the family's business - The Cider…

Interview with Angelo DiVittorio<br /><br />

Interview with Angelo DiVittorio

Angelo DiVittorio talks about emigrating from Italy and working as a barber in Rochester and Endicott, NY. He discusses working for 22 years in Endicott before moving to Binghamton to work until retirement and that George F. Johnson was a customer. …

Interview with Ann Elwood<br /><br />

Interview with Ann Elwood

Ann Elwood talks about her moves from Bridgeville, DE to Franklin Forks, PA and her final settlement in Binghamton, NY in 1911. She attended the Lowell School of Business and worked in business before becoming an assistant journal clerk in the New…

Interview with Anna Borsuk

Interview with Anna Borsuk

Anna Borsuk talks about her early years, moving from Pittsburgh, PA to Binghamton, NY and working in hotels in NYC. She discusses opening one of the first beauty parlors in Binghamton, running a tourist house, struggles with failing health due to TB…

Interview with Anna Jewell<br /><br />

Interview with Anna Jewell

Anna Jewell discusses her childhood living on the Honey Bee Dairy Farm owned by S. Mills Ely in Port Dickinson. This farm also was the site of a pickle factory. She talks about her local education, getting married, her husband's business selling…

Interview with Anna Kern and Marguerite Jennings<br /><br />

Interview with Anna Kern and Marguerite Jennings

Anna Kern and Marguerite Jennings talk about their upbringings and how technology has changed since their childhoods. Anna Kern discusses attending kindergarten training school in Syracuse, NY and teaching in several Johnson City schools during…


Interview with Anna Kinnane

Anna Kinnane talks about her emigration from County Clare, Ireland through Ellis Island and on to Binghamton, NY to be closer to her sisters and for employment. She describes her responsibilities as an operator at the telephone company, her salary,…

Interview with Anne Spisak<br /><br />

Interview with Anne Spisak

Anne Spisak of Endicott, NY talks about working at the General Cigar factory in Binghamton as an examiner. She describes the products they produced and sold at the cigar factory, lack of a labor union, the process of making cigars and the aspects of…

Interview with Arthur G. Rider

Interview with Arthur G. Rider

Arthur Rider speaks of his childhood in Chenango Bridge and of becoming interested in watchmaking. He went to school in Lancaster, Pa. for training. He became a jewelry salesman for a company in Syracuse and travelled thoughout New York State. He…

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