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Interview with Anne Spisak<br /><br />

Interview with Anne Spisak

Anne Spisak of Endicott, NY talks about working at the General Cigar factory in Binghamton as an examiner. She describes the products they produced and sold at the cigar factory, lack of a labor union, the process of making cigars and the aspects of…

Interview with Arthur G. Rider

Interview with Arthur G. Rider

Arthur Rider speaks of his childhood in Chenango Bridge and of becoming interested in watchmaking. He went to school in Lancaster, Pa. for training. He became a jewelry salesman for a company in Syracuse and travelled thoughout New York State. He…

Interview with Barbara Gallo<br /><br />

Interview with Barbara Gallo

Barbara Gallo discusses her Father's and Uncle's emigration from Italy, their moves from New York City to Scranton, PA and their work as stonecutters on the Press Building and the Broome County Courthouse. Her uncle established a private bank…

Interview with Barbara Oldwine<br /><br />

Interview with Barbara Oldwine

Barbara Oldwine talks about her life in Binghamton, NY beginning with her childhood, her education at Fisk University, and her position with the Department of Social Services. She discusses her working experiences, the merger of welfare facilities,…

Interview with Charles English<br /><br />

Interview with Charles English

Charles English discusses his upbringing in Windsor, NY, graduating from Harpur College, and serving in the Korean War. He worked as a third-generation family pharmacist and served as the Windsor Town Clerk. He discusses the Hotchkiss home and this…

Interview with Daniel Celeste<br /><br />

Interview with Daniel Celeste

Dan Celeste talks about his emigration from Italy at age ten, his various jobs before joining the National Guard, and opening a restaurant in post-WWI Binghamton. He discusses raids and difficulty with business during the depression and prohibition…

Interview with Dominick Cinotti<br /><br />

Interview with Dominick Cinotti

Dominick Cinotti of Endicott, NY talks about his grandfather, father, and uncle's emigration from Italy. He discusses the railroads and trolley cars as their means of transportation, the development of the downtown and business district of Endicott.…

Interview with Doris Chase<br /><br />

Interview with Doris Chase

Doris Chase talks about her Christian upbringing in Binghamton, NY. She attended the Lowell School of Business and worked as the Deputy County Treasurer. She moved to Houston, TX for a short time. She returned to Binghamton and was employed with…

Interview with Dorothy Titchener<br /><br />

Interview with Dorothy Titchener

Dorothy Titchener speaks about her life including her marriage to Paul Titchener, the founder of Broome Community College, and working twenty years as chairman of the Housing Authority. She mentions her affiliation with the Business and Professional…

Interview with Dr. Carl S. Benson<br /><br />

Interview with Dr. Carl S. Benson

Dr. Carl S. Benson talks about his upbringing and education in and outside of his hometown of Binghamton, NY. He attended Binghamton Central High School, Colgate University, and studied medicine in Buffalo, NY before working at the Erie Penitentiary…

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