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  • Collection: Broome County Oral History Project

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Interview with Louie Cole<br /><br />

Louie Cole talks about working on his father's farm in Chenango Forks, attending the Union School, his election to Highway Superintendent for the Town of Chenango, the practices and equipment used during that time, as well as the people he worked with, roads built and various advents of the tim...

Interview with Louise Petras<br /><br />

Louise Petras talks about emigrating to the U.S. from Czechoslovakia at the age of thirteen, her work cleaning houses for a variety of people, and living on a farm in Chenango Bridge. She also discusses obtaining her citizenship papers.

Interview with Michael M. Perhach<br /><br />

Michael M. Perhach talks about being involved with the church during his youth as his father was an Archpriest in the Russian Orthodox church. He talks about the many places his family lived before moving to Binghamton.  He graduated from Albany College of Pharmacy and operated the Junior High ...

Interview with Sarah Burbank<br /><br />

Sarah Burbank talks about her childhood and her fathers death prior to her birth, her education at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, and her experience teaching home economics in Binghamton, NY. She discusses her project 'Cooking School of the Air' by Mr. Marston, the manager of WNBF radio station that lasted 21 years.

Interview with Eunice Goundrey<br /><br />

Eunice Goundrey talks about her family's past and her mother's encouragement of her dance career from her childhood through her training at Ballet Arts School (New York, N.Y.) and the Roy and Jane Dodge school and her career as a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall. She discusses the impact ...

Interview with Dr. John B. Burns<br /><br />

Dr. John B. Burns talks about his birth in Elmira and how he later opened the first certified pediatrician's office in the city of Binghamton, NY. He discusses his professional achievements in exchange transfusion combatting the RH factor, how sulfa drugs , penicillin, vaccination and immunizat...

Interview with Dominick Cinotti<br /><br />

Dominick Cinotti of Endicott, NY talks about his grandfather, father, and uncle's emigration from Italy. He discusses the railroads and trolley cars as their means of transportation, the development of the downtown and business district of Endicott. He worked for the Endicott Johnson Corporati...

Interview with Dr. Carl S. Benson<br /><br />

Dr. Carl S. Benson talks about his upbringing and education in and outside of his hometown of Binghamton, NY. He attended Binghamton Central High School, Colgate University, and studied medicine in Buffalo, NY before working at the Erie Penitentiary during WWII then moving back to Binghamton to work...

Interview with Angelina Cinotti

Angelina Cinotti talks about her family and her parents emigration from Chicano, Italy and the family's service for Endicott-Johnson after settlement. She discusses her siblings' professions and the development of the family's business - The Cide...

Susie Gallagher discusses her childhood and the family home she grew up in. She mentions becoming a teacher and taught school for several years. She and her husband purchased an inn and converted it to an automobile dealership and then to a gasoline station, known as the Blittzen Station. She also talks about her three sons who served in World War II.

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