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  • Collection: Broome County Oral History Project

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Interview with Mrs. Beccye Fawcett<br /><br />

Mrs. Fawcett details her life from her upbringing in New Orleans, LA, through her education at the public high school, then getting her degree in education from New Orleans University, to her relocations with her husband, who was a Reverend that worked in New Orleans, then Key West, Fla. and finally...

Interview with Michael M. Perhach<br /><br />

Michael M. Perhach talks about being involved with the church during his youth as his father was an Archpriest in the Russian Orthodox church. He talks about the many places his family lived before moving to Binghamton.  He graduated from Albany College of Pharmacy and operated the Junior High ...

Interview with Michael J. Hanifin<br /><br />

Michael J. Hanifin talks about his upbringing, neighborhood he lived in while growing up in Binghamton, local businesses, cigar industries, and Endicott Johnson Corporation. He worked at Stickley Furniture and Crandall, Stone & Co., before applying to join the City of Binghamton Police Departme...

Interview with Michael Harendza<br /><br />

Michael Harendza talks about his family's emigration from Storocin, Czechoslovakia and the conditions of the boat they took from Hamburg to Ellis Island and then their experience after arriving in America. They were placed in Binghamton, NY where he and his family learned to make do with little...

Interview with Michael Gruss

Michael Gruss speaks about Willis Sharpe Kilmer, his horses and the Swamp Root Medicine he produced.

Interview with Michael Gruss<br /><br />

Michael Gruss speaks of his youth in Pennsylvania and working in the coal mines there. He was a licensed black powder blaster and he describes what this entails. He moved to Johnson City in 1913 to work for the Endicott Johnson Corporation and acted as an unofficial labor mediator for the company. ...

Interview with Matthew Alston

Matthew Alston discusses his early interest in the violin and creating a small orchestra after returning home from World War I and then later a Dixie Jazz Band. He details how he became interested in photography, his first camera, which was a Colony, one of Ansco's first cameras and how it cam...

Interview with Mary Sovik<br /><br />

Mary Sovik was born in Jamaica, Queens Long Island, NY. She discusses working in a glove factory, the many places she travelled to, and her work in Endicott Johnson up until her retirement. After retirement she states she became a babysitter for doctors, lawyers, and businessmen in Binghamton, NY.

Interview with Mary Shaughnessy<br /><br />

Mary Shaughnessy talks about her birth and upbringing on Henry St. in Binghamton, NY, in an Irish settlementan Irish settlement area. She speaks of working at the Hull Grummond cigar factory and later working for the Endicott Johnson shoe factory.  She recounts completing the nursing progr...

Interview with Mary Keeney<br /><br />

Mary Keeney talks about her early life in York County and Mechanicsburg of Southern PA with her family. She speaks of the influence in the town of the Pennsylvania Dutch people, who were from Germany and brought many German ways and traditions to the town. She also describes her childhood experience...

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