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  • Collection: Broome County Oral History Project

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Interview with John Sedlak<br /><br />

John Sedlak discusses his upbringing in Endicott as one of seven children of Czechoslovakian immigrants, his work for Endicott Johnson stores as a shoe clerk, where he learned to understand Italian, Russian, and Polish. He tells of his work for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, including wor...

Interview with John P. Ayres

Dr. John P. Ayres talks about his upbringing in Corbettsville, NY, his interests in agriculture and animals in young age that led him to succeed in the fields of farming and veterinary work. He discusses his experiences in the Army, college, and his professional life.

Interview with Joe Polansky

Joe Polansky speaks about leaving high school to go and work in the coal mine in Coaldale, (Schuylkill County), PA after his father died. He stayed there for one year. During that year he became an amateur boxer and then attended a training course in Philadelphia under Jack O'Brien. He then ...

Interview with Jenny Tokos Gaidorus

Jenny Tokos Gaidorus talks about immigrating through Ellis Island and then moving to Johnson City, NY where she worked in a cigar factory and the Endicott Johnson Corporation. She discusses being a widow and raising her children alone. She supported herself by renting rooms in her house to baseball...

Interview with Jeanette Boyd

Jeanette Boyd talks about her life in Binghamton, NY as an active social worker for the Broome County Humane Society and Welfare Association. She discusses the current welfare system, and the first clinics for ear, nose, heart and tuberculosis. She discusses the "Castle" in the Town of Con...

Interview with James J. McAvoy<br /><br />

James J. McAvoy discusses his childhood working for his family's hotel for about thirty five years before its closure due to the prohibition movement. He talks about working at the Felters Company. As a young man he participated in a barn raising and discusses social activities.

Interview with Herbert Levine

Herbert Levine talks of his father's family and their immigration from Russia to the United States because of the religious persecution against the Jewish people. The family initially settled in the lower East Side of New York City. Levine's father, who had apprenticed with a jeweler in R...

Interview with Helene Weaver<br /><br />

Helene Weaver talks about her childhood in Binghamton, NY, her father's meat market in Johnson City. She worked in an office at Endicott Johnson until she married. After her husband died Helene finds employment with the House of the Good Shepherd, in charge of the dining room. After retiring sh...

Interview with Helen Land<br /><br />

Helen Land talks about her birth and upbringing in Binghamton, NY and how the town has changed over the years. She reminisced about growing up in Binghamton, and discusses taking dance classes, attending church picnics, family outings, and attending school. She talks about the Bennett Family,&n...

Interview with Harry Bloomer

Harry Bloomer discusses joining the Army as a young man and entertaining the soldiers. Upon being discharged he began working as a Santa Claus for local organizations and continued to do this for the rest of his life. He talks about attending a Santa Claus school annually. He was also a clown and ...

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