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Dr. John P. Ayres, Veterinarian

Dr. John P. Ayres, Veterinarian

Dr. John P. Ayres talks about his upbringing in Corbettsville, NY, his interests in agriculture and animals in young age that led him to succeed in the fields of farming and veterinary work. He discusses his experiences in the Army, college, and his professional life.

Interview with Mrs. Clara Bell

Interview with Mrs. Clara Bell

Clara Bell talks about her childhood growing up in Hawleyton, NY on a farm with her family. She discusses the hardship of her parents' declining health and the importance of the church in her life, as well as her experience in college and desire to…

Interview with Anna Borsuk

Interview with Anna Borsuk

Anna Borsuk talks about her early years, moving from Pittsburgh, PA to Binghamton, NY and working in hotels in NYC. She discusses opening one of the first beauty parlors in Binghamton, running a tourist house, struggles with failing health due to TB…

Interview with Dr. Carl S. Benson<br /><br />

Interview with Dr. Carl S. Benson

Dr. Carl S. Benson talks about his upbringing and education in and outside of his hometown of Binghamton, NY. He attended Binghamton Central High School, Colgate University, and studied medicine in Buffalo, NY before working at the Erie Penitentiary…

Interview with Marjorie Bower

Interview with Marjorie Bower

Marjorie Bower talks about her motivations for becoming a nurse and her work in the field; nursing ethics, working as a night nurse as a post-grad, public health training in schools and in the public sector, work during WWII, and her experiences as a…

Interview with Jeanette Boyd<br /><br />

Interview with Jeanette Boyd

Jeanette Boyd talks about her life in Binghamton, NY as an active social worker for the Broome County Humane Society and Welfare Association. She discusses the current welfare system, and the first clinics for ear, nose, heart and tuberculosis. She…

Interview with Leonard Brotzman<br /><br />

Interview with Leonard Brotzman

Leonard Brotzman talks about sustenance farming through the years of his life, as well as, his ideas on farming practices and the sale and transportation of produce. He also discusses the canals and the Broome County Grange, his education,…

Interview with Leda Buran<br /><br />

Interview with Leda Buran

Leda Buran discusses her mothers emigration from Russia into the U.S. through Ellis Island, the differences in religious practices between countries, her family's life as a restaurant owner, her experiences growing up during the depression, the…

Interview with Sarah Burbank<br /><br />

Interview with Sarah Burbank

Sarah Burbank talks about her childhood and her fathers death prior to her birth, her education at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, and her experience teaching home economics in Binghamton, NY. She discusses her project 'Cooking School of the…

Interview with Dr. John B. Burns<br /><br />

Interview with Dr. John B. Burns

Dr. John B. Burns talks about his birth in Elmira and how he later opened the first certified pediatrician's office in the city of Binghamton, NY. He discusses his professional achievements in exchange transfusion combatting the RH factor, how sulfa…

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