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  • Collection: Broome County Oral History Project

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Interview with Lena Templeton

Lena Templeton talks about her childhood growing up on a farm in Pleasantmount, PA and her early education, and eventually moving to New York state. She discusses early work taking care of the office of a skin specialist in Binghamton, NY then getting married and having children, and finding work at...

Interview with Shirley Woodward<br /><br />

Shirley Woodward speaks about her  father's influence on her interest in local history, work as the Town of Maine historian and with the Nanticoke Valley Historical Society. She details the responsibilities of her work as the town historian. She discusses her years as Broome County Historian an...

Interview with Helene Weaver<br /><br />

Helene Weaver talks about her childhood in Binghamton, NY, her father's meat market in Johnson City. She worked in an office at Endicott Johnson until she married. After her husband died Helene finds employment with the House of the Good Shepherd, in charge of the dining room. After retiring sh...

Interview with John Warski<br /><br />

John Warski talks about his interest in carpentry as a young boy after emigrating to the U.S. in 1907 from Austria, and going to Jessup, PA. He describes finding his way in a new country on his own and finding working in the boiler room at a factory where he shoveled coal into the boiler. He tells ...

Interview with Dorothy Titchener<br /><br />

Dorothy Titchener speaks about her life including her marriage to Paul Titchener, the founder of Broome Community College, and working twenty years as chairman of the Housing Authority. She mentions her affiliation with the Business and Professional Women's ...

Interview with Frank J. Tedeschi<br /><br />

Frank Tedeschi speaks about his upbringing in Endicott, NY and later works as a local grocer, inheriting the business from his father. He describes the various types of exotic and imported foods sold at the grocery. He details traditions and recollections from Italian people, as well as, his political experiences on the Village of Endicott Board of Trustees.

Interview with Leroy Elliott (Slam) Stewart<br /><br />

Leroy Elliott (Slam) Stewart, born in Englewood, NJ, describes his young life and education. He studied the  bass violin in high school and after graduation attended the Boston Conservatory of Music. He details his professional career, team...

Interview with Anne Spisak<br /><br />

Anne Spisak of Endicott, NY talks about working at the General Cigar factory in Binghamton as an examiner. She describes the products they produced and sold at the cigar factory, lack of a labor union, the process of making cigars and the aspects of her job. She mentions getting married and getting ...

Interview with Mary Sovik<br /><br />

Mary Sovik was born in Jamaica, Queens Long Island, NY. She discusses working in a glove factory, the many places she travelled to, and her work in Endicott Johnson up until her retirement. After retirement she states she became a babysitter for doctors, lawyers, and businessmen in Binghamton, NY.

Interview with Dr. Jean Smith<br /><br />

Dr. Jean Smith speaks about her motivations for becoming a physician and why she settled in Chenango Bridge, NY.  She received her education at Syracuse University during World War II and went into practice with her brother, Dr. Robert Smith.  She dis...

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