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Held at 8:15 pm, Dec. 12, 1968, Music Recital Hall. Works of Bach, Praetorius, Schumann, Lübeck.

We band of brothers: the British band connection: folk-song to full symphonic, May 1, 2005

Works of Williams, Sweeney, Rolls, Tull, Grainger. Held at 3:00 p.m., May 1, 2005, Anderson Center Chamber Hall.


Works of Mussorgsky, Beethoven and Liszt. Held at 8:15 pm, January 19, 1974, Watters Theater.


Works of Scarlatti, Liszt, and Ginastera. Held at 8:15 pm, February 7, 1973, Watters Theater.


Works of Bach, Faure, Wolpe, and Schubert. Held at 8:15 pm, February 14, 1974, Casadesus Recital Hall.

Walter Ponce, Piano, Recital,  April 9, 1972

Works of Schubert, Beethoven and Ginastera. Held at 8:15 pm, April 9, 1972, Recital Hall.


Features poetry readings from Wally Butts and Lloyd Van Brunt at Benlin's in Binghamton, N.Y. Several local poets read their works during "open mike" sessions after the featured poets. The event was held on June 11, 1991 and the readings were sponsored by the Binghamton Community Poet...

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