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Schwache Geschlecht : Komödie in drei Akten [promptbook]

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Bourdet, Édouard, 1887-1945


Reinhardt, Max, 1873-1943




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Max Reinhardt Promptbooks


Most text in German. Certain dialogue in the play reads in English and Spanish. Purple pen markings: note on title page reads “Weihn. 30.” could be Weihnachten (Christmas 1930). Note on “Erster Akt.” (page 3) also reads Jan. 31. Symbol found in blue, red, and black pencil, purple and pink pen; possibly all markings from same performance.
Repeated note, "Vorschlag" (suggestion) found in margins in black pencil throughout the book, seems mostly to accompany pencil strikeouts of dialogue. As found in other prompt-books, red and black pencil used together to strikeout large sections of dialogue.
Most markings concern dialogue changes, amendments, and emphasis. Markings at beginning of each act usually concerned with music, stage setup, etc.


27cm x 22cm


December 25, 1930 (“Weihn. 30.”) (city unspecified)

January, 1931 (possibly Kurfürstendamm, Berlin)
-Supporting materials: Box 1 Folders 12-13: Costume and scene designs
Box 14 Folder 2: Programs; plays

Earlier version

Le Sexe faible


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PT2635.E548P75 v.8


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Who is Max Reinhardt? The celebrated Austrian theater director Max Reinhardt, recognized in America primarily for his elaborate productions of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Franz Werfel’s The Eternal Road, and Karl Vollmoeller’s The Miracle, was born in 1873 at Baden near Vienna, Austria and died in New York City in… More

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Bourdet, Édouard, 1887-1945, “Schwache Geschlecht : Komödie in drei Akten [promptbook],” Digital Collections, accessed July 13, 2024,