Blut : dramatische Dichtung [promptbook]


Hauptmann, Gerhart, 1862-1946




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Reinhardt, Max, 1873-1943


Max Reinhardt Promptbooks


Book aged but is in solid condition, cover slightly bent. All text in German. Markings appear in purple pen, red pencil and black pencil. Red and black pencil markings are unspecifed. This promptbook does not include a cast list, however there are extensive markings of note including stage directions, notes, and sketches.
Other observations note that the Scene III, Act I is rewritten as First Scene, Act II (page 57). Scene IV, Act I is rewritten as Scene II, Act II (page 76).
Act II does not appear in the original versions as there is a jump from Act I to Act III. Other markings include cross-outs in black and red pencil (beginning on page 104). Red markings are likely music related "musik," "tempo," "laut," appear repeatedly.


18.5cm x 13cm
Supplement folder: 7 graph paper note sheets, 20.5cm x 14cm
folded envelope, 21.5cm x 16cm


January 1917, St. Moritz


Located in Binghamton University Libraries Special Collections
PT2635.E548P75 v.38


Hauptmann, Gerhart, 1862-1946, “Blut : dramatische Dichtung [promptbook],” Digital Collections, accessed June 1, 2020,

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