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zwei Buecher Samuelis [promptbook], Die

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Reinhardt, Max, 1873-1943


Reinhardt, Max, 1873-1943




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Max Reinhardt Promptbooks


A regular book that was converted by Reinhardt into a stage production. There are extensive directions and markings throughout. Some sections of the book are exempted from the play. Markings found in black pen, purple pen, red pencil, and blue pencil.
Handwritten cast list is included. Here Reinhardt also gives a guide to his markings, serving as an unparalled resource not only for this promptbook, but for understanding the markings/symbols he uses in all of his works.
“Play” ends on page 534 although the book continues until page 574. Therefore pages 464-534 are main promptbook, with various stretches of pages crossed out.
Also includes a supplement folder, containing four note sheets:
Two sheets labelled “Ps. 81” (Chorus with solo). One marked Ps. 81 II, the other marked Ps. 81 III.Third sheet is a detailed stage sketch in purple pen.
Two sheets taped together to create larger sheet. Labelled Ps. 81, Chorus and Solo. Part I for other sheets listed above. Includes extensive chart regarding the chorus along with extensive notes.


22cm x 12cm


June 1915, Hiddensee-Kloster; July 13, 1915, Hiddensee-Kloster.


Located in Binghamton University Special Collections
PT2635.E548 P75 v.100


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Who is Max Reinhardt? The celebrated Austrian theater director Max Reinhardt, recognized in America primarily for his elaborate productions of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Franz Werfel’s The Eternal Road, and Karl Vollmoeller’s The Miracle, was born in 1873 at Baden near Vienna, Austria and died in New York City in… More

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