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Letter from William S. Pike to Anna Wilcox from Fort Federal Hill

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Pike, William S.


On October 16, 1862 William S. Pike, a Civil War soldier writes to his Cousin Annie Wilcox describing the military training drills and daily camp life at Fort Federal Hill, Baltimore Maryland. Original format: 1 sheet, 13 x26 cm folded to 13 x 21 cm.





Anna E. Wilcox Civil War Collection
Binghamton University Libraries’ Civil War Collections


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The collection consists of 45 letters on 44 sheets, 8 photographs, 4 unassociated envelopes, and ancillary materials. Most of the letters were written between October 16, 1862 and August 10, 1865. Ancillary materials include the "scope and content" note, the "finding aid", and the "transcription note". Also, the ancillary… More

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Pike, William S., “Letter from William S. Pike to Anna Wilcox from Fort Federal Hill,” Digital Collections, accessed June 17, 2024,