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  • Collection: Broome County Oral History Project

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Interview with William A. Hallahan

William A. Hallahan talks about his upbringing in Binghamton and the start of his baseball career in Groton, NY at the age of 18. He discusses playing for the St. Louis Cardinals and winning 3/4 of the World Series games in which he p...

Interview with Walter Dryja

Walter Dryja talks about his family's life, beginning with his father's emigration from Poland to Maryland, and then to Pennsylvania to work in the coal mines. He talks about his family life, working on different dairy farms, his long hours and grueling nature of his work, as well as the ...

Interview with Susie Gallagher

Susie Gallagher discusses her childhood and the family home she grew up in. She mentions becoming a teacher and taught school for several years. She and her husband purchased an inn and converted it to an automobile dealership and then to a gasoline station, known as the Blittzen Station. She also talks about her three sons who served in World War II.

Interview with Stephen Maxian<br /><br />

Stephen Maxian talks about being brought up in Binghamton, NY. He tells of owning a farm in Silver Lake Township for thirty five years. He also discusses moving to Johnson City to take a job at a factory, and building a house for his family with the help of friends and electricians. He speaks about...

Interview with Shirley Woodward<br /><br />

Shirley Woodward speaks about her  father's influence on her interest in local history, work as the Town of Maine historian and with the Nanticoke Valley Historical Society. She details the responsibilities of her work as the town historian. She discusses her years as Broome County Historian an...

Interview with Sarah Burbank<br /><br />

Sarah Burbank talks about her childhood and her fathers death prior to her birth, her education at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, and her experience teaching home economics in Binghamton, NY. She discusses her project 'Cooking School of the Air' by Mr. Marston, the manager of WNBF radio station that lasted 21 years.

Interview with Regis C. McNamara<br /><br />

Regis C. McNamara talks about his education at the University of Notre Dame and playing football under Knute Rockne.  During World War II he was a Lieutenant in the Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit. He worked for IBM and then as an engineer for New Yo...

Interview with Olga Riggins<br /><br />

Olga Riggins talks about her parents' courtship and emigration from Europe to the U.S. She talks about her father's store and the ice house he operated. She tells of her variety of jobs - the Endicott Shoe Corporation, Carlova Perfume Factory, Hotel Billingshurst as a maid, and working in ...

Interview with Mrs. Mary Fenson (née Mary Pyluck)

Mrs. Fenson continues to talk about her life on a farm in Johnson City, NY and the day a fire destroyed her home and how the Beckwith Lumber Co. assisted in rebuilding. She also discusses the customs of her culture on Pentecost (Troitsa).

Interview with Mrs. Clara Bell

Clara Bell talks about her childhood growing up in Hawleyton, NY on a farm with her family. She discusses the hardship of her parents' declining health and the importance of the church in her life, as well as her experience in college and desire to become a writer and poet.

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