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Adrian Kachadourian

Adrian was born in Watertown, Massachusetts to Armenian parents. She attended Boston University and earned a degree in Psychology. While in college, she lived with an Armenian woman who taught her the language in exchange for English lessons. At university, she became more involved in Armenian traditions, attending dances and other cultural events. After graduation, she got married and moved around a bit before settling in Binghamton. Currently, she has five children and plays the organ in a local Armenian church.


Ara Kradjian

Ara is the son of two genocide survivors who immigrated from Turkey to the United States in 1920. Ara was born and raised in Binghamton which is where he resides now with his 2 sons.


Arda Haratunian

Arda is a member of the board of the AGBU. She earned her masters in Public Administration at NYU, and her Bachelor's at Queens College in NYC. She and her husband have two children, Kanar and Arman.


Armine Aksay

Armine was born in Istanbul, Turkey along with her one brother, Arman. During her time in Istanbul, she attended an Armenian high school and sang in her church choir. in 1990, she moved to Salt Lake City, Ohio and got married. She then moved to New Jersey while she worked in NYC. She and her husband eventually settled down in Binghamton a decade later and had a daughter, Christie.


Catherine Abashian

Cathy was born in Binghamton to Turkish and Irish-English-German parents. She attended Hartwick College and later graduated from Binghamton University. After graduating, she worked for her father at his company. Cathy has one son, Nathan.


Dolores Rojers

Dolores is a very active member of the Armenian Church. She volunteers as office administrator and is on the Parish Council and helps with the Women's Guild. She received her MBA at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Currently, she resides in DC and has two sons.


Dr. George Rejebian

George first attended Triple City's College of Syracuse University (now Binghamton University) majoring in Biology. He then graduated from dental school at Georgetown University. After graduation, he served for six years as a dental officer in the Navy. George currently resides in Binghamton with his wife, Mary. Together, they have two children, Gary and Vivian.


Gary Rejebian

Gary was born in Kentucky and grew up in Binghamton NY. His gradnparents immigrated to the United States during the Armenian Genocide. He went to Hamilton University and currently holds a masters in Journalism from Northeastern University.

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