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  • Collection: Oral Histories from 60's Binghamton Alumni

About this Collection

Interview with David S. Hammer

David has worked as a trial lawyer for more than 30 years and was engaged in civil and criminal litigation. He served in the U.S. Justice Department in the Antitrust Division and as an Assistant United States Attorney in Miami and in Manhattan. For the last two decades he has worked in private practice in New York.

Interview with Deborah Volkell Weinstein

Deborah Weinstein is the executive director of the Coalition on Human Needs, an alliance of national organizations working together to promote public policies for low income women and children. Deborah has covered politics, crime, and healthcare policies for various news outlets including Medica...


Amy Weintraub, PhD, led the Center for Victim Support at Harlem Hospital Center for 25 years and assessed patients with a history of domestic violence and sexual assault. She currently teaches courses on these subjects at Mercy College. She was a sociology major at Harpur College. She was a National Institute of Mental Health Fellow.


Dr. Andrew Grant is a retired Assistant VP for Institutional Advancement at Hebrew Union College in NYC. He worked as a disc jockey at WHRW-FM.

Interview with Dr. Eric D. Weitz

Dr. Eric Weitz is Distinguished Professor of History and the former Dean of Humanities and Arts at The City College of New York (CCNY). Trained in modern German and European history, Weitz has also worked in international and global history. He is currently completing A World Divided: A Global H...


Neal retired in 2018 from his 49-year practice as a physician-hematologist in New York City.

Interview with Dr. Steven Diner

University Professor Steven Diner is a Harpur College alumn who went on to work as a Professor of History at George Mason University and served as Chancellor from 2002 - 2011 at Rutgers University- Newark. As a History Professor at Rutgers, Dr. Diner specializes in immigration reform. In 2011 Diner ...

Interview with Ellyn Uram Kaschak

Dr. Ellyn Kaschak is an award-winning psychologist, author, teacher and human rights activist. She is a professor emerita of psychology at San Jose State University. She teaches in the gender studies program at University for Peace in Costa Rica.

Interview with Eric Lobenfeld

A ’71 graduate who majored in philosophy, Eric is a partner in Hogan Lovells US LLP in New York City. He specializes in intellectual property litigation. He served on the Board of the Harpur Law Council. At Harpur College he worked at WHRW as a disc jockey.

Interview with Fred Neil Peck

He spent first part of his career working for banks as a research analyst; in the second part he worked with the NYC public school system in Special Education Administration. He holds a PhD in Economics from NYU.

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