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Anna E. Wilcox Letters


The collection consists of 45 letters on 44 sheets, 8 photographs, 4 unassociated envelopes, and ancillary materials. Most of the letters were written…

Broome County Oral History Project


The Broome County Oral History Project was conceived and administered by the Senior Services Unit of the Office for the Aging. Funding for this…

Link Memorabilia


This Collection contains a number of items which are contained within the Edwin A. Link and Marion Clayton Link Collections of Binghamton University's…

Ukrainian Oral History

The Ukrainian Oral History project consists of a collection of undergraduate student interviews with immigrants from East Central Europe, particularly…

Contributors: Dr. Heather DeHaan and Dr. Aynur de Rouen

Kurdish Oral History

In 2011, Binghamton University Libraries received the donation of the Vera Beaudin Saeedpour Kurdish Library and Museum Collection. The acquisition…

Contributors: Dr. Aynur de Rouen

Armenian Oral History

Contributors: Dr. Aynur de Rouen

McKiernan Interviews


Stephen McKiernan's collection of interviews includes more than two hundred interviews with prominent figures of the 1960s, which were collected…

Oral Histories from 60's Binghamton Alumni


Interviews done by Irene from the libraries with Binghamton University Graduates from the 1960's.

Reinhardt Promptbooks


Who is Max Reinhardt?

The celebrated theater director Max Reinhardt, recognized in America primarily for his elaborate productions of Shakespeare’s…

Binghamton University Music Recitals


Binghamton University Music Department Recitals is an audio collection of concerts and recitals given on campus by students, faculty, and outside…